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ReStory – Rewrite your story is an Erasmus+ project that runs from September 2020 to August 2022.

The purpose of ReStory is to arm the care-givers with skills that will help elderly people regain an active role in the society. During piloting, 140 care-givers will take part in the program and improve their skills. After the training based on the project’s curriculum, care-givers will have the opportunity to use a handy tool that will help them assist their beneficiaries (end users of the project), the seniors, to create their own stories and recreate them by working together through the techniques of artistic means.
Elderly people will feel themselves useful for the society, will enhance their emotional and social skills and therefore will have the opportunity to overcome the barrier of age and the difficulty of feeling unnecessary and of handling responsibilities. These will lead the elderly people to improve their self-esteem, sense of community and feeling of active citizenship.


To arm the care-givers with a handy tool which improves, updates and boosts the quality of their services, broadens their knowledge and skills, and helps them be more confident for project making in their future career.

To develop educational material for care-givers, in order to give the elderly people they work with, the opportunity to overcome age barriers and the difficulties of feeling unnecessary and handling responsibilities.A methodology which has the storytelling as its base, and uses the stories as the core material which will be transduced into a variety of artistic forms, such as performing arts (dance / video dance, theater / documentary theater) visual arts (digital narration, stop motion video) and creative writing (e-book).

To provide seniors with the opportunity to take over high-responsibility positions by being part of a working team, that will help them regain the feeling of being part of social activities.


  • IO1

    Focus Groups' methodology guide for identifying needs, artistic potential and preferences

  • IO2

    Curriculum for care-givers working with storytelling techniques

  • IO3

    Toolbox that will contain the educational exercises

  • IO4

    Handbook that will contain the methodology of the techniques

  • IO5

    IT open platform with the methodology, the toolbox and all the IT & cultural products

  • IO6

    Recommendations for policy makers and training providers

Target groups

Care-givers working with seniors (professionals)

Institutions and services working with seniors (VET organizations, counsellors, etc.)